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Jasmine Essential Oil 1kg

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Jasmine Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:

• Lifts depression and pessimism

• Revitalising and energising

• Diminishes fear and negativity replacing with positivity

• Increases self confidence and happiness

Benefits to the physical body:

• Balances the hormones

• Aids menstrual problems and pain during labour

• Good treatment for coughs and laryngitis

• Useful for dry skin including eczema

Botanical Name

Jasminum Grandiflorum


Floral, musky, powdery

Extraction Method

Solvent extraction

Plant Detail

Jasmine is a white flowered shrub with a famously lovely scent. The oil is collected from flower petals using grain alcohol or hexane.

Origin and History

Jasmine translates literally as a ' God's gift. It is a particularly lovey oil, which is native to Iran but now widely cultivated in Asia and Europe, and used across the world. In India people have known about the power of the jasmine plant for centuries and they call it 'Queen of the night’.

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