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Cedarwood Essential Oil 1kg

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Cedarwood Essential Oil  

Benefits to the mind and spirit: 
• Deepens meditation and strengthens the focus
• Eradicates negative thoughts
• Eases anger and aggression
• Works as an aphrodisiac

Benefits to the physical body:    
• Reduces painful arthritis
• Helps with rheumatism
• Restores homeostasis – bringing balance and wellbeing
• Antifungal and antibacterial

Botanical Name 
Cedrus Atlantica

Sweet, woody and balsamic

Extraction Method 
Steam distilled

Plant Detail 
Cedarwood Essential Oil is from the Cedar tree wood. It is Essential oil obtained from different types of conifers, mostly in the botanical pine or cypress family.

Origin and History  
This may have been the first essential oil to be extracted from a plant. They Egytian’s used this oil in the process of embalming and mummification. It is said to have a powerful spiritual quality.
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