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                                               Unique Uses of Bay Essential Oil


Product Main Information

Botanical Name

Pimenta racemosa

Extraction Method

Steam Distilled


Medicinal, fruity, spicy and herbaceous

Colour of Oil

Golden Yellow


Pimenta racemose or bay tree belongs to the group Myrtaceae.

  • As well-referred to as "Bay Rum oil" or "Myrica oil," essential oil from the Bay tree is extracted.
  • Just identified as the Western Indian Bay Essential Oil. It's not the same as Bay Laurel Essential Oil.
  • Both have a strong aromatic resemblance, both of which are very different oils.
  • Bay essential oil is useful in autumn and winter. Bay oil's benefits are tremendous.
  • Rises to 30 feet or higher. It has small white flowers, black berry-like seeds, and leaves that are strongly fragrant.

Bay Leaf Perfumes

Bay leaves are the aromatic leaves of the Mediterranean bay laurel, an aromatic evergreen shrub and fresh flavors of the leaves.

The Perfumes are Bay Rhum for Men, Ambre Sultan for Both, and Rume for Both.


Blending Properties of Bay Essential Oil

  • Although bay oil mixes well with essential oils, the citrus-flavored ones work best. Such as Orange, Lavender, Bergamot, and Rose.
  • Strong lime and light orange in association with a mild bay and a soft clove to create a unique fragrance. These oils also combine to create a sensitive, enticing and exotic experience.

Using Properties of Bay Essential Oil

  • Throughout cosmetics industries, bay oil finds its origin.
  • The oil's strong natural smell makes it a wonderful fragrance in shaving soaps, creams, shampoos or creams specifically for people. Nevertheless, only distilled oil is used in all of these situations.
  • Crowns are formed of Bay Leaves in ancient Greece and Rome to praise teachers, soldiers, and sportsmen. The title "Poet Laureate" derives from this practice.
  • Feel free to make them a spray in the room. Make sure you use natural oils.