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The Roots of Aromatherapy - Tracing the Magic Back

Thousands of years ago, when the world was still young, aromatherapy was practised. Now, after all this time, it still enjoys popularity to this day. So why does this practice survive so long when entire civilisations have risen and fallen in the same period? That’s what we want to figure out, so let’s get started. 


Going Back to the Past


To fully grasp precisely how old aromatherapy is, we’re going to go back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were not necessarily the most advanced race, but they did practice aromatherapy almost invariably. There is a habit shared by the ancient Romans and Greeks as well. They figured out that individual plants, when placed in proximity to a person, could generate a smell which provided physical and emotional aid.


This technique was used to help combat physical pain and rejuvenate the spirit when it was lacking. Their belief in this miracle form of therapy was so great that when the pharaohs were buried in their tunes, hieroglyphics would detail precisely how to perform some of the most common aromatherapy cures. Even now, thousands of years later, we still use aromatherapy to heal.


Why is it so Popular Today?


Of course, a common question among many people is “why is aromatherapy so popular?“. You would be forgiven if you weren’t aware of how such a prominent method of physical, mental, and psychological form of healing was so popular.


At the time, it would have been very advanced medicine. In the modern day, however, it is considered to be a form of therapy which is very natural. This makes it appealing to a group of people in contemporary society who are very much concerned with how many chemicals we allow into our bodies on a daily basis. They embrace natural ways of healing, which is why aromatherapy is so popular. 


It’s also popular because it has proven results. A lot of people use aromatherapy all the time, and thus know that there are many benefits to it. It helps you to overcome great stress, cultivate more mindful habits, and just overall deal with the many challenges which we face every day. 


To summarise, it is easy to see why so many people put a great deal of trust into aromatherapy, and why it has roots which go back so far. Aromatherapy is a practice which you probably have seen or experienced for yourself by now. It is prevalent among many people, mainly the newer generation is to acknowledge its benefits and don’t seem to have that inherent scepticism which prevented so many of the generations before them from properly utilising it. It does have a very alternative basis, and many people would rather trust in the effectiveness of synthetic medical solutions. However, anyone who is prepared to acknowledge this form of therapy will find that it can do wonders. It involves having a great deal of trust in nature, the resource switch, in all the years we have had access to it, has not let us down. Returning to our ancient roots is perhaps the best way to combat the evils of a modern world.

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