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The Importance of setting Goals

Every new year many of us try to set ourselves new goals in January. These are usually things we want to achieve or habits we want to change. Some work, some don’t, but why do we do this? Is it a waste of time?

Our current life situation in going into our third lockdown in the country, it is easy to see why setting goals may not be the number one priority. However, if you are faced with lots more time on your hands then using it to focus on what you would like your life to look like after the pandemic, is a really useful thing to do.

So why do we set goals?  Goals are there to help you achieve your dreams. Setting a goal unleashes a tremendous power inside us that will actually help navigate us to our dream.

We have within us a centre of pure potential, our true self which is free of our learnt thought patterns and conditioning.

The main aspect of setting a goal is to be really clear on what you want. To be able to picture it in particular is really powerful.

So an exercise I do is to take 3 current realities in my life that I want to change. Write down what these are, and then underneath draw an arrow of what I want them to become. I use a visualisation technique that I have shared with you on one of video’s on the website. By using this I am able to picture really accurately what I want, am make this as real as possible.

The next step may sound unusual, but now you have to not worry about how you get there, but to trust this inner power we have, which is greater than our conditioned mind. We have within us a reticular activating system which allows you to filter out information which does not take you to your goal, and only lets in the information you need. The key is to know what you want, visualise it then let it go.

This does not mean you take no action at all, just not forced action. If what comes to you after you have done this is to apply for a certain job, or course for example then do that. It means not to worry about ‘how will I get it, is it coming to me yet’ etc.  Trust the universe, if you set and intention then something comes along that feels it matches it then do it, and trust the process.

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