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The benefits and uses of essential oils

Here at Mood Essential Oils we know just how great essential oils can be. Not only do they smell amazing, which they really do. But they also have a number of benefits and uses too.

It is important to remember that there is no guarantee on the benefits of essential oils. Instead, these are some of the things that those who use them have said they can help with.

A bug spray

Fed up of being dinner for mosquitos and other bugs? You might want to try out a combination of citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass oils combined with coconut oil. This can easily be applied to your skin and will stave off any bug attacks.

A cleaner

Want a natural way to clean your home? If you do, then you might want to try lemon and tea tree oil in a few ounces of warm water. Not only does this give your home a nice, fresh scent, but it also is a natural disinfectant too.

An anxiety reducer

If you are someone who struggles with anxiety then it might be worthwhile trying lavender oils around your home. This particular oil is known to reduce stress and tension, helping to battle your anxiety.

A homemade lip balm

Looking for soft lips? Fed up of buying expensive lip balms? Why not make your own by combining beeswax, lavender oil and coconut oil for an all natural take on this popular beauty product.

The perfect massage oil

Treating someone to a massage? Make sure that they feel properly relaxed by adding a few drops of cedarwood to unscented lotion for the ultimate massage oil.

A foot soak

Giving your feet a touch of sap treatment is easy with eucalyptus oil. Add it to a large bowl of warm water and you will be able to easily soothe your tired feet.

A mood improver

Feeling a little down? If you need to boost your mood then it may be worthwhile trying rose oil in a bath, or diffused around your home, as this is through to have a great impact on your mood.

A treatment for thicker hair

Rosemary is thought to be able to increase the volume and thickness of your hair. Add it to your shampoo and use on a regular basis.

Stronger nails

Wish that your nails were a little stronger? If you do then essential oils can help. Mix frankincense, myrrh and lemon oils together with vitamin E oil and use this to rub onto your cuticles.

A way to relieve nausea

If you are feeling a little sick, such as with morning sickness or another issue, then peppermint oil is ideal for this. You can either inhale it as normal, or apply it to your neck and upper chest.

You can also try ginger or lavender if the peppermint doesn’t work for you.

Want to know whether essential oils will work for you? The best way to find out is to try it for yourself. You never know what essential oils could help you with. Whether that is healthy looking skin or a cleaner home.


*Disclaimer, these are ideas and suggestions we have been told have worked for some people we have not personally tried them. Ensure no oils are used directly on skin without being diluted.

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