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Pathways in our mind

A passion of mine has always been understanding how our minds work, and one concept I have researched and found fascinating it how our mind creates certain pathways. This is also a good concept to understand on our journey to achieve our dreams.
So basically our mind has this amazing ability to create paths of thoughts in our mind. It helps me to picture it as if you are in a forest which has fresh grass in every direction, no untrodden paths, but as you start to readily walk in certain directions (have certain repeated thoughts) then you tread down the grass and eventually create a path. This is the same in our brain.
These pathways are then coated with something called a myelin sheath which is designed to keep it intact, and make them harder to change.
On learning this I was dismayed as it seemed like such a self defeating design. However knowing our brains are also designed to be able to learn something and follow this again and again, which has helped our survival over the years, it allows us to learn to drive and become so adept that we can get ourselves from one familiar place to another without much thinking about it, is actually a positive. We just need to be careful how we build our pathways, as they have been our choice all along.
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