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Our Best Oil Burners and Diffusers

As you will probably know one of the top ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the room. We often talk about diffusers, but not everyone is aware of what they are. There are two main kinds of diffuser, the electric diffuser where the oil is added to a water-based reservoir and the oil burner diffuser which is powered by tea lights. Obviously, care needs to be taken when using naked flames in your home. The electric diffusers feature an automatic cut off when the water has been used up, simply refill and start again when you are ready. We stock a great selection of oil burners, and diffusers so here are a few of our staff favourites to get you started. 


Colour Changing Electric Diffuser DN-816 Aromatherapy Diffuser Mist Maker


This is an excellent example of an electric diffuser with an exclusive extra. The unit features a colour change light that really enhances the mood and promotes relaxation. It features a timer allowing you to decide how long to leave the mister on for, and the light can be turned on or off, making it perfect for subtle diffusing at night. The unit cycles through several colours and is really hypnotic to watch.  


Sand Blast Ceramic Elephant Tea Light Oil Burner BMZ-CER-20MD


This cute little elephant in sandblasted ceramic forms an oil burner that would not look out of place in any home. The candle sits inside the body of the elephant and heats the little dish on his back. Simply pop some water and drops of the desired oil into the well and once the water is heated the oil will diffuse into the room. This is perhaps a good design for busy homes as the candle is shield inside the structure. 


Green Hanging Tea Light Oil Burner With Stand BMZ-CER-2G


A different design with this burner, the metal frame offers the stand for the tea light and curls up to support the bag-shaped well. The burner is green ceramic which provides a lovely contrast to the black metal frame. In here you will add the water and oil to create the therapeutic effect you are looking for. The candle is exposed on this model, so please take care around pets and children who could accidentally knock the candle off. 


Black Ceramic Turtle Design Tea Light Oil Burner BMZ-OCER-6BL


Another oil burner with an animal theme, this dinky little turtle is lovely and makes a stunning ornament. The shell lifts off to reveal the candle holder so once in and lit this is another excellent option for busy homes where things might get knocked off. In the hollowed shell on his back, you will find the well for the water and oil.  


All of these burners are available from the website and could make an excellent gift for someone who has yet to discover the impressive benefits of essential oils.  

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