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Everything You Need to Know About Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is another popular essential oil because it offers a myriad of therapeutic properties, so it is great to know all about it and how to use it. We have put together this helpful blog to teach you everything you need to know about Frankincense.

What is Frankincense?

As with all oils, Frankincense is derived from a plant, in this case, it is from Boswellia Carter or Boswellia Sacara tree. These trees are native to Somali, but it is a sturdy tree that can grow in poor soil conditions. Frankincense is taken from the resin of the tree. When you say Frankincense, most people will think of the Christian nativity story, as the three wise men brought gifts for the baby Jesus, one of which was Frankincense. Over the years it has been mentioned in many religions, such is the therapeutic benefit of the oil.

So What is it Used For?

It is documented that this particular oil is beneficial to those suffering from extreme stress and anxiety, as well as offering a form of pain relief as it can reduce inflammation. Many people use Frankincense to boost their immunity, particularly at this time of year as temperatures plummet and cough and cold bugs are rife. There are those that suggest Frankincense can help with the fight against cancer, but there is not enough evidence to confirm this, and as with all essential oil use, they should be seen as complementary too, not a replacement for, tradition health care from doctors and hospitals.

As with all, we must remind you that no oils should be ingested internally, and Frankincense is a particularly violent toxin if swallowed.

How Can Frankincense be Used?

In the winter this is a great oil to add to your diffuser and have to permeate the room. It is safe for pets and children in this form, but obviously, the diffuser should be kept out of reach for safety. The properties of the oil are useful for helping to break down any phlegm that has gathered in the lungs, and the anti-inflammatory effect means that the airways are soothed, and the patient can feel more rested.

Because this is a good oil for relieving joint and muscle pain, it also makes a perfect massage oil. Add a few drops to a suitable carrier oil and massage into the affected area. If you have a particularly sore joint, you could add a few drops of oil to some hot water, soak a towel in the mixture and then place this directly in the painful location. It can help with arthritic pain as has been thought to provide relief to digestive discomfort. With this in mind, Frankincense is also an excellent oil to add to a bath for a long soak.

Frankincense is also a good oil for skin health. Again it should not be applied neat but mixed with a carrier oil, but can be used to fight wrinkles, help reduce the appearance of scars and even sooth eczema. It should not however but used on broken skin.
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