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Crystals are on trend. These stones which have been around for decades are now being championed by celebrities such as Adele, who revealed she holds one whilst on stage, Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Katy Perry all promote the benefits of them, so it seems they are finally shedding their ‘hippy’ image. Crystal therapy dates back to the Egyptian ages when they were said to ‘purge evil spirits’
So why do people use crystals?
They are believed to hold healing abilities, and omit a vibration that affect our mind, body and spirit. Each crystal type omitting a different vibration which aligns to differing mental and physical conditions and which has the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energy channels.
The electromagnetic charge within each stone is said to clear energy blockages within our energy system and chakras. As each crystal has a vibration, when they come in contact with you they raise your vibration to match their own higher frequency which allows you to move past mental, physical or spiritual blockages.
There is also science to support the benefits of using crystals in skincare.
The placebo effect is mentioned by some researchers into the benefits of crystals, suggesting that the effects are what we believe them to be, rather than due to the actual crystals.
Personally I have been a fan of crystals for many years, sometimes this is due to how they look, their soothing colour, or glittery appearance. Sometimes however it has been a feeling of just being drawn to a particular one, for a reason I wasn’t aware of, often then after purchasing I would google the properties and find they were ones that aligned to my current situation. I have experienced different energies when using different crystals, I recall a time at a festival when I purchased a crystal that I was drawn to, and spent the next 30 minutes sat on the grass feeling a surge of spiritual energies and light. I can also recall many times when holding a chosen crystal has brought me great comfort and peace. Regardless of the opinion, placebo or energy transmitting little beauties, crystals are cool! They look lovely, feel lovely and for anyone I have ever met, brought joy and happiness.
There are many different ways to use crystals such as:
• Sleeping with them under your pillow
• Wearing them as jewellery
• Keeping them in your pocket
• Making a crystal grid - see specific blog and video about crystal grid
• Adding them to a bath
• Holding them when you need an energy boost, or to relax
• Adding them to water bottles to create more alkaline water
• Meditating with them
• Placing on an altar or shrine
• Having them about your home
• Facial massage – see specific blog and video about massage rollers
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