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Aromatherapy - Tale As Old As Time?

So, there's no doubt that aromatherapy has enjoyed a rich and unique history over the years. What a lot of people don’t know is that even though the practice has been passed off as being an alternative thing, it’s been in use for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We’re going to delve into the history of aromatherapy, and see how far it’s come. 


Ancient Roots?


What you might not know about aromatherapy is that it goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians. There have been hieroglyphics on the tombs of pharaohs which point to the idea of people using scents and smells to cure common conditions and promote a sense of wellness. 


However, there's also been roots in ancient Greece, and China as well, and it's all contributed to the long history of aromatherapy. The actual term first appeared in 1937, after a chemist in France found himself interested by the power of healing oils after seeing a burn incident. 


Modern Revival


However, in the past 100 years or so, aromatherapy has made a return from the depths of ancient empires and become something relevant again. It's all down to a shift in consumer mindsets - our knowledge of what pharmaceutical treatments can do to our bodies when they're supposed to be 'healing' have led many to turn away from the artificial. 


What's fantastic about aromatherapy is that it ticks both of the boxes for self-care and emotional wellbeing, two things which have a lot of emphasis in the modern world. When you're surrounded by negativity and pain daily, you'll find that it becomes comforting to turn to more traditional healing methods. With a wealth of different scents and smells available and all kinds of ways to successfully introduce aromatherapy into the home or work environment, it's risen among the newer generation who want to purge their bodies of chemicals. 


However, knowing that aromatherapy has a deep and rich history makes the entire process that bit better. We're always trying to find ways to convince people that there's worth in the process and that it isn't just a hippie thing. Knowing that it's been around for such a long time and took roots in many cultures means that we've got a whole host of different pieces of evidence to call on and thus a much more comprehensive argument to build.


Overall, these are just a few of the different things that you can think about the next time you consider aromatherapy for yourself, and it's easy to find yourself getting caught up in history. It's often the case that people see a rich history to be so much better. Aromatherapy can be an exceptionally beneficial exercise for you to consider, and we'd recommend it to pretty much everyone, but it's also incredible to think that this is something which has lasted so many years and still managed to gain popularity in the modern audience. We believe that it's only going to get more and more popular as time goes by, and can't wait to see what happens next. 

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