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Aromatherapy - Can It Help Depression?

Depression is a sensitive subject. It’s difficult for people to talk about depression because it can provoke extreme reactions in the people who discuss it. However, we’d like to try and talk about it in a plain and informative manner. We don’t want to offend anyone, and it’s important to understand that we’re trying to provide a form of aid for people who do experience depression in their daily lives. With that being said, let’s talk about essential oils and how they might be able to help people who struggle with depression. 


Depression - The Facts


Depression is unfortunately something that a lot of people have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s a mental health condition which can affect a wide selection of people with little to no discrimination. There’s a lot of different symptoms for depression, which can include things like a lack of motivation, feelings of isolation and extreme sadness, and sometimes even suicidal inclinations. There’s a lot of different treatments and options for people who deal with depression, including a wide range of therapies and even anti depressants.


How Can Aromatherapy Help?


Aromatherapy is considered to be a great alternative to conventional medicine because it is in fact more natural. It’s often been used to treat people who aren’t always a fan of the conventional forms of treatment. It works by using natural oils and scents to promote a healing in the body. 


The hope of many in the aromatherapy community is that this can extend to depression, and help to lessen the burden that comes with such an affliction. One of the main ideas is to use aromatherapy to stimulate the olfactory senses in the body. These can help to produce feel good sensations, increasing levels of dopamine and other similar hormones. The hope is that this will be able to decrease these feelings of negativity that people with depression have to deal with. 


Does This Work?


There are of course mixed opinions on this kind of treatment. Some would argue that this doesn’t help, and others will say that it’s proved invaluable to them for calming down and chilling out. Whether it proves to be any help to you or not will depend entirely on whether you’ve tried it. We encourage anyone to try aromatherapy because we believe in its benefits, but it falls to you to try them all out at your leisure.


Overall, there is definite proof that aromatherapy can help people who struggle with depression on a daily basis. We won’t pretend to understand what people with depression have to deal with. However, we implore you to consider using aromatherapy to try and alleviate some of your symptoms. If they help even for a minute then we’d be so happy to hear. There’s so many different scents and options available, so you can easily go through all the different smells to find one that can help you. Each scent is unique and will hopefully prove to be useful. 

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